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Why is Social Media Marketing Important for your Business?

Why is Social Media Marketing Important for your Business?

Social Madia Marketing? 

…Have you heard about it?

Do YOU know why digital marketing is the next big thing in India? ??

If you want to grow your business using digital… Read on.?

Companies who sell products and services need to advertise where people hang out… Right?

People used to watch TV, listen to Radio and read Newspapers. ?

So companies used to advertise on these channels a lot. ?

…But in 2017, we the people don’t use TV, Radio, and Newspapers anymore. ?

Now, people use laptops, tablets and mobile phones! ? ?

Even you are reading this on the internet! I am sure that your usage of TV and Newspapers have come down because of social media and internet.

Traditional media is in heavy decline.  ?

And digital media is on the rise… ?

Companies like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone etc. have increased internet usage in India ??

So if companies keep spending money on old mediums, they will die. To survive, they need to start advertising on the digital and internet channels.

…Digital channels include Search Engines, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing and so on.

And that’s why digital marketing is so important. ?

Google estimates that a total of 1 Billion Dollars will be spent on digital channels in 2017. ???

…That’s nearly 6,900 Crore Rupees! ?

And digital marketing spending is growing every year. ?

Even political parties and non-profit organizations are looking at digital marketing to spread awareness.

Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Corporates will be spending this money on digital channels. And they need digital marketers to handle this spend!

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Hope this article helped you understand “Why is Social Media Marketing Important for your Business?”


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